N-trig’s DuoSense® active pens enable direct on-screen digital “ink” input for a true natural pen-on-paper experience. With more effective, natural and accurate form of digital input interaction, active pen users can write and annotate directly on-screen as they would on a textbook or pad of paper, resulting in higher levels of creativity and productivity.

The active pen functions like a regular pen, provides high accuracy (often sub-pixel), hover capabilities for precise system control, rapid refresh to accurately capture ink subtleties, and 256 distinct levels of pressure sensitivity for more exact control and input and advanced palm rejection capabilities for natural and intuitive Hands-on computing® experience. The pen offers a customizable ID, including interchangeable tips, and configurable side buttons that allows users to:

  • Write on a screen as easily as on a pad of paper
  • Make quick and easy annotations - on an e-reader, in a lecture hall, or even a simple shopping list
  • Perform on-screen interactions easily and simply - editing, document-signing, drawing and designing
  • Enjoy more precise and accurate on-screen interaction and manipulation
  • Add a more personal touch to communications: email, notes and documents

Download our DuoSense Pen application demo guides to find how Windows and Android based pen applications designed for:

  • PDF document annotation
  • Note taking
  • Drawing and painting
  • Photo annotation
  • Collaboration and improved productivity

Please click here to learn more of the pen writing on a screen.

picture- boy with lantern picture- lady

picture- man

picture- horse carriage

Picture- man and woman

Examples of pictures drawn by a professional artist* using the DuoSense Pen on the Fujitsu Lifebook T580

* Artwork by Misha Lapitskiy