DuoSense® is N-trig’s integrated pen and touch technology enables OEMs to design slim and light smartphone, tablet and Ultrabook™ devices by using only a single sensor. The N-trig active pen and projected capacitive multi-touch technology helps computational device users create on-screen digital ink in addition to touch for, for a true Hands-on computing® experience.

  • The DuoSense solution provides an integrated active pen and multi-touch platform that:
    Tracks both pen and multi-touch input on a single digitizer.
  • Advanced palm rejection: Differentiates between intentional and inadvertent touch contact.
  • Is based upon projected capacitive touch technology and active pen technology, eliminating accidental ink drops or skips, and featuring sub-pixel touch accuracy.
  • Offers accurate input, with an average pen accuracy of 0.25mm.
  • Offers fast response time and consistent performance for writing, drag-and-drop, scrolling, and selecting - without degrading stylus input.

DuoSense supports Windows® and Android™ operating systems. The DuoSense technology scales across a variety of screen sizes from 4.5’’-15.6’’ encompassing a wide range of form factors including smartphones, tablets, and Ultrabooks™. Target markets segments include education, business, and consumers.

The DuoSense digitizer also features advanced palm rejection capabilities and a rapid pen report rate, resulting in enhanced levels of performance and productivity. The DuoSensePen2 active pen provides a rich set of capabilities to provide a natural pen-on-paper user experience.

Product Specification

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