DuoSense® Pen 2 Family

The DuoSense Pen 2 is N-trig's second generation of active pens, and an essential part of the company's DuoSense G4 Pen & Touch combined solution, enhancing touch screens with natural pen-on-screen input and advanced palm rejection.

The ergonomic DuoSense Pen 2 enables on-screen annotation, handwriting, note taking and drawing - all with the same writing feel as pen-on-paper. Designed to exceed user expectations for high contact accuracy, DuoSense Pen 2 offers hover capabilities for precise system control, fast acquisition and accurate tracking, high resolution and 256 distinct levels of pressure sensitivity for a natural inking experience. The pen also features a customizable look and feel, including interchangeable tips and configurable side buttons.

Integrating N-trig's new generation of DuoSense Pen & Touch system-on-chip solutions enables mobile device makers to rapidly differentiate their products by adding digital inking capabilities, while dramatically reducing R&D and bill-of-material (BOM) overhead.

Product Highlights

  • Reduced R&D efforts and fast time to market
  • Single pen and touch chipset
    • Single controller
    • Single sensor
  • Ergonomically designed active pen
  • 9.5mm, 8.0mm, 5.5mm pen diameter options
  • Natural pen-on-paper feel for improved productivity and creativity
    • On-screen annotation
    • Complex text writing
    • Content editing
  • Document personalization with individual signature
  • Drawing precision

Key Features

  • Natural pen experience with steady and smooth tip
  • Cursive and block letter recognition
  • 256 distinct levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Resolution better than screen PPI resolution
  • Hover and proximity actions
  • Advanced palm rejection
  • Advanced environmental noise rejection
  • Moisture tolerance
  • Two programmable side buttons (e.g. right-click and eraser)

Markets Segments

  • Education
    • Write complex text where typing is insufficient
    • Photo, diagram and drawing annotation
    • Move textbooks from the backpack to the tablet
  • Enterprise
    • The paperless office - take notes, annotate PPTs and PDFs or sign documents
  • Consumer
    • Personalization of social networks
    • Professional drawing and artwork